Learn Calligraphy In 5 Easy Steps

Italic calligraphies have earned the reputation of being most brilliant calligraphic designs, they have beautiful looks and a large number of people use italic fonts for their personal calligraphy art pieces. Why do people love them? The answer to the aforementioned question is straight; they are very simple to create. One can sketch out a brilliant art piece in italic font within few minutes.

They appear neat and elegant when crafted well, this give the appealing feel to the eyes. Italic calligraphies are very versatile; there are so many styles one can chose from. One can go about crafting a classic look or opt for a more modern design. Despite their looks and appearances, beginners would need some sort of help on creating beautiful calligraphy pieces. So, here we have a guide on how you can create your own personal calligraphy art pieces.

  1. Things you need to get started- To start your calligraphy art designs, you don’t require anything fancy or any sort of expensive supplies. You only require a piece of paper, pencil, ruler, and most importantly, your calligraphy pen.
  2. The next step would be to create a mock-up of what you want your calligraphic piece to look like. You should only use a pencil to create the mock up. Don’t use your pen because in most cases you will be making changes in aligning and positioning various alphabets. You will discover the need of proper spacing between the letters and realize that a word should be higher or lower. When you create the mock-up with pencil, it gives you the latitude to experiment with various layouts.
  3. Once you have carved the letters into perfectly aligned state, it’s the right time for you to start tracing the letters you’ve outlined. Pick up your calligraphy pen and start tracing the pencil marks. Be slow but steady. When you feel like deviating from the pencil markings, remember that it’s natural course of writing, so feel free to do so.
  4. Having traced the pencil markings with calligraphy pen let the ink dry for a couple of minutes. You can now erase the pencil markings to have with you a nice calligraphy piece written in italic calligraphy.
  5. You can also add depth, texture, and some personalization to the words written. All these little additions can be significantly beautiful. All you need is a pen with sharp tip. Take out any normal pen with a pointed and sharp tip, and start working on your calligraphy to add more depth to it. Create an extra dimension to it, turning it three dimensional. You can fill in the space with some stripes, polka dots, patterns or simply leave them blank for a lighter and cleaner feel.

The end result would be a beautiful, brilliantly carved calligraphic piece. You can try various designs by following the simple step of creating a mock-up and tracing the mock-up with a calligraphic pen.

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