Guide To Choose An Ideal Calligraphy Pen

People these days say that calligraphy is becoming an extinct art form, but some others definitely beg to have different opinion. One can never forget the timeless brilliance and elegance of the calligraphic letters written on crisp pages. The decorative handwriting never fails to enhance the sentiments of words carved on the papers. Technology has been growing so fast, making the art of calligraphy somewhat less common, but nothing can beat the beauty of the hand-written words.

Learning calligraphy so much simpler than you can ever think, all you need is a slow and steady hand, a bit of practice and a proper pen. With a bit of practice you can delve into the wonderful world of brilliant writing. But finding the right pen is real trick here. As a beginner, it can be hard for you to find the right. Here have a look at few things you should look for in your calligraphy pen.

  1. Pen Style-

Modern calligraphic pens have inserted cartridge that makes writing easier, whereas the ancient ones had separate inks. When buying your pen, stick with pre-inked pens to avoid any frustration.

  1. Nib-

Nib refers to the tip of your pen; it is the point where the ink is released. They come in plethora of varieties, and have different shapes and sizes. Italic nibs are amazing to add a dramatic look to your calligraphic piece. The flex nibs work great for elegant and traditional calligraphy styles.

  1. Pen Handle-

Make sure that the handles are comfortable. You wouldn’t want to practice calligraphy with a pen that is terribly uncomfortable to hold onto. Your pen grip should be covered with a firm, soft and comfortable material that allows at keeping your hand easy. Beginners should opt for lighter weighing pens, because they offer a lot more comfort.

Features of an Ideal Calligraphy Pen-

  1. It should be portable, neat and easy to use, and should be ideal for painting on any location. The flow should be smooth and the brush tip must create free flowing lines that appear consistent with every stroke.
  2. It should have refill cartridges that make for an easy, no mess ink replacement.
  3. The pen should be durable; it should have premium bristles that can help creating fine to broad lines in a single brush stroke. The pen shall be able at creating thin to thick strokes that are perfect for expressive inking.
  4. Water resistance property is another great feature; the permanent pigment ink adds water resistance. These properties make it great for different types of art such as fine detailing and cartooning.
  5. It should feel good in hand. Must feel balances and have high quality. The comfortable grip makes it easier for beginners to use different techniques and writing style.

All these features make calligraphy pens a tool that can be used at any stage of proficiency. The incredible and modifiable pen cartridge systems have made calligraphy a lot simpler and enjoyable.

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