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Calligraphy has been recognized as a prolific visual form of art in which lettering and handwriting are decorative. The use of specific pens and brushes for the purpose to manifest letters in articulate forms also requires calligraphy pens. The availability of calligraphy pens on online platform creates an assorted range of offerings for the customers.

However, if you are an ardent admirer of calligraphy pens or if you have a knack for using fountain pens for letter writing, journal writing and maintaining diaries. The following reviews of calligraphy pen sets would be handy while scouting numerous choices on the internet. You can compare the reviews and make a reasonable purchase decision which could provide value for your money.

Staedtler Calligraphy Pen Set, 33 Pieces:

This product is inclusive of a deluxe set of 4 calligraphy pens in a metal case. The other profound characteristics of the product include 20 ink cartridges 5 distinct nibs. A practice pad and instruction book would be the perfect tools for beginners in calligraphy to have a go at it! Reflecting on the advantages which this product can provide you in return for your money, we can see that the 20 ink cartridges of distinct colours would ensure that you don’t run out of ink fast.

The nibs provided in the set would be suitable for professional calligraphy writers and enthusiasts to use the fine, extra-fine, broad, extra broad and medium. However, the negative aspects should also be taken into consideration while opting for Staedtler Calligraphy Pen Set, 33 Pieces such as the negligible requirement of green, pink and brown ink cartridges and the requirement of precise handling could make it difficult for use.

Manuscript Masterclass Calligraphy Set:

The product provides you with 2 Manuscript fountain pens, 4 calligraphy nib sections and 12 ink cartridges. It is described as a comprehensive set for beautiful calligraphy and the quality of the pens and nibs is credible which validates the fact. The provision of a practice pad, introduction manual written by Barry Floyd and 3 ruled guideline sheets can be accounted as explicit benefits for calligraphy beginners. However, the product is also associated with certain disadvantages such as drying of the cartridges on delivery and the leaking of ink from nib if you put it on paper for too long.

The precision required in loading of the ink could be a potential setback for beginners who may have not received the instruction book in the product delivered to them. Therefore, you need to make a tough choice regarding this one, don’t you?

Daveliou Calligraphy Pen Set – 12-Piece Kit – Free Glass Pen – 5 Nibs & 5 Ink Set:

This calligraphy pen set tops the list with substantial features among which the one year guarantee provided on the product is a promising attraction for every calligraphy enthusiast. Explicit attention paid to the formulation of ink in the laboratories of Daveliou is responsible for the optimal flow, durability and colour brilliance of the ink facilitated in the product. The interchangeable nibs provide appropriate facilities for cleaning. However, users have to be accurate in handling of the nibs which may otherwise create problems of leaking. Hence, your decision on Daveliou’s calligraphy pen set would be quite difficult, won’t it?

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